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There's an easy answer to the question "What to do with everything?": "Give it to us!"
Whether you're already vacating the one place and can't move into the next just yet or you're leaving your home for a certain period of time with the aim of returning one day, your things are safe with us.

Storage Types

We offer a wide range of storage systems to fit your exact needs.

Interim and long-term storage

Whether only as a temporary solution or as a treasure trove, we handle your goods and store them at any of our more than 60 locations in Germany. You decide where and how long to store them.

Conventional storage / storage in storage boxes / storage container

Whether storing just a few pieces of furniture or the entire household, we have secure storage facilities for every size and part. Talk to your relocation specialist about it.

Central storage for office furniture

Storing furniture for an office move is not significantly different from other storage options, but can have its pitfalls. Let us help you.

Art storage

Particularly sensitive valuables such as art must be carefully transported and stored to prevent damage. confern protects your treasures and keeps them safe for their grand appearance.


Household goods can be stored at private residences or companies in locked, secure and easily accessible rental units of various sizes. We offer self-storage options at many locations – talk to us about it.   


Need more information? Contact us and we'll be happy to give you a no-obligation quote.

File archiving

We support you in the fight against paperwork. We can't fill out forms, etc, but we can take files and folders off your hands. By outsourcing the archive, you not only save time, but also valuable space.

We give you the option to store your files and archives. And of course, we maintain discretion and security – and we also monitor individual appointments.

The following five key points help you understand the benefits of outsourcing your archive:

  • Storage is anonymous. 
  • Every access is logged. 
  • Retention periods are monitored. 
  • You have access on short notice. 
  • We ensure the highest safety standards. 


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