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Overview of Services

Competence and know-how for the benefit of our customers

Custom Solution Modules

You move, you determine. Look around for the services you need from our wide range of relocation services. And if you're not sure what you need or what you can afford, we're happy to discuss all your open questions and requests. Because the last thing you want when moving is stress – no matter the type of move.


An overview of our services:

Private Move

No stress when moving!

Benefit from our services in the private sector. Choose from our packages - there's something for everyone!

Private Move

Office Move

Focus on the work you do

We'll move for you! You worry about your core business without the stress.

Office Move

Employee Relocation

The market demands flexibility

Use our service to reduce your time requirement. Use the time saved to get to know your new home!

Employee Relocation

Relocation Service

Worldwide Support

Our goal is to make your employee's transition into a new environment and a different culture as easy as possible through professional support.

Relocation Service


What to do with everything?

We offer a wide range of storage systems to fit your needs.


Furniture Logistics

Full service. That's confern

Whether you need help with assembly, disassembly, removal, transport or support relating to insurance, confern has the solution. 

Furniture Logistics

Start online request

Ask your question – here quick and easy

Start your personal relocation request here.




Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions?

Find an overview of frequently asked questions here. Just take a look at our FAQs!

Our services:

Other Services:

The classics: the moving box. What looks like an ordinary collapsible box is a box specifically developed for the task. High stability, tensile strength and good value in the truest sense of the word – these are the main features of confern moving boxes, which you can order here. We'll send them to you promptly so you can do any prepacking without the hurry.

Tradesman Services

confern sees itself as full-service provider of relocation services. And as we understand it, it's the task of such a company not only to transport goods from A to B, but also to establish a sense of well-being when possible.

That's why we also take care of the professional tradesman who want you to feel at home at your new address from the start and who want to leave your old address absolutely clean.

Of course, this includes the classics from painters to electricians and plumbers to kitchen carpenters. But of course, we also offer the services of carpet layers, cleaning companies, specialists in telephone or computer connections.

What can we do for you? Tell us – easy with no obligation.


Waste Removal

Moving often means farewells and not just from the previous address, but also from numerous household items.

Due to the large number of regulations and often the sheer mass of what has amassed over the years, disposal can require a lot of time. In addition, you may not be able to bring everything you want.

We take care of:

Disposal of old furniture

Disposal of electrical appliances

Container services

We support you and take what you no longer need to the respective disposal recycling stations. And your current home is that much cleaner and can be handed over by you broom clean.

Just ask us without obligation

Cleaning Services

An apartment must be clean to hand over. And that makes sense because after all, you wouldn't want to stay in a new home that you'd have to thoroughly clean first.

On the other hand, you're often looking more ahead than back when moving and generally already have your hands full with no time to spruce up your former residence and/or workplace.

And if you're moving several hundred kilometers, it's simply impractical to spend several hours on the freeway just to clean the location.

We take care it. Even in the event that your new residence is not move-in ready, we offer you the services that ensure a goodbye without the stress of your previous address and the opportunity to quickly feel at home at the new address, including:

Final apartment cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Window cleaning


We do everything we can to deliver your belongings safely to the destination of your choice. But even with the utmost care, damage cannot never ruled out, e.g., in the event of an accident.

That's why we offer transport insurance, which offers maximum safety. Your scope of coverage goes beyond the statutory liability provisions. It makes it possible, for example, to insure your household goods at replacement value (and not just to fair value). Our insurance offers you coverage over the entire period that you define, i.e., from the moment we start working at the loading site to completion of the relocation work at the destination – and worldwide!

Just ask us wth no obligation.