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Office Moves

Valuable furniture, lots of files, heavy books, technical equipment - there are many things to consider when planning an office move; things that require special consideration. confern knows the problems - and has the answers.

  • Move management
  • Analysis
  • Inventory
  • Project planning
  • Timeline
  • Room planning
  • Organisation
  • Implementation
  • Turnkey delivery

What at first appears to be nothing more than a variation on a privat move, is in fact a much more complex task. Its not just a matter of moving workspaces from A to B. Those employees need to feel comfortable as quickly as possible to continue working productively with minimal disruption. To make this possible, our office move services begin long before the first carton is packed.

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Step 1

The key to a successful office move lies in the right consultation and the right planning. That's why our customer service representatives work together with their clients well in advance of the move to devolop an individual concept for each move. This is when all the critical points are discussed, especially:

  • Timing and Budget
  • Priorities
  • Designating areas of responsibility

This consultation forms the basis for an effective, efficient and therefore successful office move with confern - regardless of whether you're moving to new premises, or within the same building.

Step 2

Depending upon the size of the move, the critical phase begins just a few days before actual transport takes place. During this time our team is there to make sure that your normal business operations are disturbed as little as possible.Of course we will assure the efficient packing of files, professional dis- and reassembly of office furniture as well as secure transport of office equipment such as computers, printers, copymachines, telephone systems and the like.

At the same time we'll make sure that your move is carried out as swiftly as possible, in part by making various provisions well in advance that will help to facilitate an efficient move. Before the move, for example, we'll secure transport routes, line the inside of elevators, protect doors, windows and narrow hallways. Additionally, we employ special equipment such as external elevators and container-cranes to speed-up the loading process. And to insure that our customers' goods and equipment are protected on the road, we exclusively use air-suspension vehicles for transport.

Help for employees

Upon request we can supply our customers with checklists for staff which include various tips and tricks to insure a quick and trouble-free move, and that employees feel at home in their new surroundings. They'll need less time to get used to things, which means less chance that productivity will suffer.

Step 3

The cartons have been unpacked, furniture reassembled and all equipment set-up and connected; when our customers take possesion of their new surroundings they can immediately begin to work again.

Company Moves

The king of all moves – a complete company relocation! Not just the offices, but also production, warehousing and archives are moved according to an exact schedule. Company moves require a great deal of technical and specialized knowledge and expertise.