Move ecologically

confern is committed to climate protection

With immediate effect, confern is compensating the emmisions produced by it's moves and is supporting climate protection projects throughout the world.

Our cooperation partner is the non-profit climate-protection initiative Atmosfair, located in Bonn, Germany, which is supported by the German Federal Environment Agency.

How it works: confern allocates for each and every move a "climate-protection sum" and donates this amount to Atmosfair.

Andreas Kölling, Managing Director of confern: „A move is usually unavoidable, and making use of other modes of transport such as rail is only an option in exceptional cases. For this reason we have chosen this particular form of compensation for the CO2 emmisions caused by the moves we make on behalf of our customers.

We would also be delighted about any customer who is motivated by our example to make a contribution to the environment. Atmosfair provides a very easy way to do this on their homepage."

The agreement between confern and Atmosfair stipulates that confern, using an "emmisions calculator" provided by Atmosfair, calculates the compensation to be made for each move based on the volume and distance travelled. This sum is then paid to Atmosfair.
The transferred amount is invested worldwide by Atmosfair exclusively in CDM-Gold-Standard Projects to reduce climate-damaging emmisions.

Andreas Kölling:" Beyond that, reducing the number of "empty trips" with special traffic-planning software, as well as the consistant use of recycled materials has been standard procedure at confern for many years."