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Enviromental Management ISO 14001

Environmental certification acc. DIN EN ISO 14001

Our environmental policy represents far more than a standard certificate that we meet every day with our environmental management. The certification acc. DIN EN ISO 14001 offers us only the basic framework for compliance with many strict formalities. Far more important for us is acting from conviction and an inner motivation that we communicate internally and externally.

As a network of service providers in furniture transport, we maneuver several hundreds of vehicles daily. With IT-optimized route planning, we combine transport streams. The principle is: "maximum utilization of the load space leads to less traffic," which in turn reduces CO2 emissions. An environmentally friendly vehicle fleet, which we further develop using state-of-the-art technology in a sustainable manner, is primarily used for the transports. Furthermore, confern Möbeltransportbetriebe GmbH compensates for greenhouse gases resulting from the relocations.  

As a cooperative partner, confern donates a climate protection sum to a non-profit climate protection organization for each and every move, which in turn is used for environmental projects. In addition, the responsible use of energy and water at all locations goes without saying and is communicated to all employees as well. Furthermore, the maxim is to avoid waste, rather than to dispose of waste. The consistent use of recyclable materials has been the standard at confern for many years.  

confern Möbeltransportbetriebe GmbH is committed by its environmental policy to monitor and optimize its defined objectives in a continuous improvement process (CIP).  

The ultimate goal is the responsible use of our environment, i.e., targeted sustainable reduction of pollution and the conservation of global resources!

Enviromental Management ISO 14001

As a relocation, freight forwarding and logistics company, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment. This is reflected in our environmental certificate.

confern Möbeltransportbetriebe GmbH, Mannheim, has had environmental certification acc. ISO 14001 since December 2010.