Special Packing Materials

Special solutions for special situations

Especially valuable moving items need to be especially packed for transport. When you put your trust in confern, you profit from our years of extensive experience in exactly this aspect of moving.

"Suspended" or "floating" Packing

Very valuable or fragile items such as lamps or sculptures are specially packed. They need to be protected from abrupt movement or impact. For this reason they are packed "floating" in their boxes.

Special Paper

This type of paper is primarily used for packing glass and china.


This shock-absorbing wrap with a soft surface protects all your fragile posessions as well as those with delicate or easily damaged surfaces.

Plastic and fabric covers

Single-use covers protect your furniture and possessions from becoming soiled or wet.

Painting and Pictureframe Protection

Valuable pictures and paintings as well as their often equally as valuable frames are protected with specially designed packaging to insure they are adequately safeguarded during transport.

"Overseas" packaging

"Overseas" or "export" packing is a combination of "floating" packing and individual wrapping of items. In order to protect against water condensation during a journey by sea, which can result from fluctuating temperatures, different moisture absorbing packing materials are employed.

The PC "tub" – help on wheels

Stackable, with ball bearing wheels and quick grips. Great for all sensitive office machines such as PCs, printers, scanners, fax-machines and much more.