Furniture Logistics and 2-man Handling

2-man Logistics

When it comes to taking, consigning and delivering your new furniture to the destination address at the appointed time, then you've hit the spot with confern. We also handle unpacking, assembly and taking your hold furniture away directly. We also offer this 2-man handling for all heavy, large or transport-sensitive goods. Whether fitness equipment, washing machine, TV or mattress, we provide the right solution. Talk to us.

A practical example

A service company operating throughout Germany needs to reduce capacity at its site in Bremen. At the same time, there are talks about new project groups in Berlin and Stuttgart.

The customer is confident that at least one of the talks will be successful and puts the vacant workstations into storage with us (rather than selling the workstations, for example, at an online auction).  

He was right. The stored workstations were needed at short notice at both project sites. confern delivered and assembled the workstations. 

We made sure that all the furniture was disassembled on schedule, cleaned and temporarily stored, as well as assembled again at the new place of work on schedule.

All our services in a nutshell:

  • Central furniture storage
  • Storage handling
  • Nationwide transport of office furniture
  • Assembly services


Your contact:

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Managing Director
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