Number of moves

Each year, some 40.000 households move with confern. Thats like moving the inhabitants of a mid-sized German city - for example from Würzburg to Göttingen...or the other way around.


Materials used

Every year, some 1.1 million cartons are used to protect the goods of our clients during transport. If you were to line up the cartons end-to-end, they would stretch from one end of Germany to the other, some 660 kilometers, from Aachen to Dresden.


Kilometers traveled

The entire confern fleet travels a distance of 10 million kilometers each year. That's around the globe every 1.5 days.


Moves all around the world

In its over 40 year history, confern has made moves to over 90% of the countries on Earth, the majority of them in Europe, followed by America and Asia.



The relocation of the entire German parliament from Bonn to Berlin was a challenge that was met using the resources of the confern group as a whole. From 07/05/1999 to 07/30/1999 more than 200 confern employees were on the job each day, to move a total of 32.000 cubic meters of removal goods from the "old" capital to the new one. Each day 40 containers were loaded by rail. In total, more than 37.000 meters of documents, 46.000 cartons with books and files, and 1.300 personal computers were moved.